Solar Power

A Local Company working with renewable energy on single domestic houses, groups of houses in the same area, housing association housing stock or industrial units.

Social Solar Power is a collaboration to offer what we consider to be the best photovoltaic panel solution/ systems achieving solar power that suits the client and the client's tenants, within the social sector.

Offering the following

  • Free Surveying
  • Full Design of system to BRE standards
  • Notifications (DNO)
  • Full installation
  • Commissioning of system
  • Registering with relevant bodies
  • Registering for FITs (Feed –in-tariffs)
  • Monitoring Services
  • Maintenance Service (Annual, 20 Years)
  • HSE Compliant
  • Full Introduction to Commissioned Systems

Basically, what the client wants is a start to completion full design service and installation achieving minimal inconvenience to occupants of properties and a reduction of the need of co2 and carbon emissions with the advantages of financial rewards.

Services List

Partner Services

Providing clients with a total solution with various financial packages, funding, installation and servicing of all P.V. Installations which are paid for via the power generated from the photovoltaic panels.

Consultation Services

Consultation can be given to clients or heads of services to explain the financial and economical advantages we can offer in an ever-more demanding environment.

Implement & Design of Services

We can carry out a 'stock costing' of client's property for the installation of P.V. Panels, advising clients from the start to completion of projects.

Client Workshops

We can give clients more in-depth explanation of solar power and solutions from the point of supply and installation. Applying and receiving government incentives and leading power suppliers' rebates.

About our Solutions

To deliver a solution for installation of solar PV systems at no or minimal cost to the Housing Association. To ensure the housing association or their tenants benefit from the Feed In Tariffs.

To assist in the UK Governments CO2 reduction targets. To assist in the minimizing of the current Fuel Poverty by reducing fuel bills.

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