Sheet / Cladding

We offer a design service for all types of Sheeting & Cladding systems including Sheet and Liner, Composite Panel and Standing Seam.

These works provide a cost-effective and fast method of covering large areas with the minimum of disruption to clients. Sheeting and Cladding materials are available in a wide range of profiles. We can draw on the latest materials and technologies to provide the best solution for your roof. This enables us to fit a roof in a single operation rather than in layers, cutting the time and ensuring a quality, robust, weatherproof finish. We can also use more conventional panels and fit insulation between the old and new roof sections.

Sheeting and Cladding works can also be carried out on a selective site specific basis.

Various repairs / full replacement to sheeting, cladding and skylights, resealing repairs or full replacement in addition to any other works in progress i.e. slating and tiling or flat roofing. Aiming to keep one point of call on any contract and to reduce additional costs.